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Chorus Line Workshop, ZH
Saturday, 9. September 2017, 14:00 Uhr
Chorus Line - the new trend!

In the jazz Era, Chorus line dancers were present in most theatres. They were hired to back up different guest appearances and to perform their own numbers.
Much of what we know today as “Vernacular Jazz Dance” (aka “the real shit”) we owe to these marvelous dancers.

This tradition was brought back to live again, amongst others but very importantly, in Herräng Dance Camp and has since spread through the entire Lindy scene.

Malou has worked with the Herräng Chorus Line from the beginning, as full time dancer as well as guest performer. Apart from the extensive study of old film clips, she has acquired vocabulary by studying with Chester Whitmore.

This workshops teaches you steps from film clips as well as inspired closely by them. You will get different "modules" that you can play around with, or put into a routine if you wish.

Small numberof people, "klein aber fein"
Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen welcome.


Malou Meyenhofer

: 60.-

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